We are a small family owned & operated business that has over a decade of experience along with the knowledge and resources to provide a wide range of detailing services to our customers. Whatever detailing service you are in need of we are at your service. We are fully self-contained, meaning we bring the entire detail shop to you. We are capable of detailing your vehicle at your chosen location. We also have fleet accounts for company vehicles, and maintaining you and your coworker’s vehicles while you work etc. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
*Weekly and biweekly services are available.



Full Basic Detail Package

Regular detailing is the surest way to maximize the life and value of your car. Our experts are experienced with detailing every sort of vehicle, from the old to the new; from family vehicles to sport cars. Our Quality Basic Detail package offers an exceptional value. A basic interior and exterior wash & vac of the vehicle will leave your car looking awesome.

45min - 1hr

Interior & Exterior

(recommended every 2-4 weeks)

—Hand Wash

—Vacuum Interior

—Windows Cleaned

—Tires & Rims Cleaned & Dressed

Car $43

Sm/Mid Size SUV $53

Large SUV/Truck $68

Exotic Car $108

Semi Truck/Rig $158

Exterior or Interior Detail Package

These Detail Packages are perfect for our customers and can help you protect and maintain the investment you’ve made in your vehicle through the seasons while making it look great.


The Exterior Package will remove any light oxidation and scratches and leave your car with a deep glossy shine. It will give a shine to your plastics and rubber and help them stay looking great.


The Interior Package will remove stains, dirt, and light odors with our shampoo service. We clean all your interior plastics and rubber to help them shine and last. If you have a leather interior our interior detail will help preserve it and prevent cracking by cleaning and conditioning it.


Car $150

Sm/Mid Size SUV $175

Large SUV/Truck $200

Exotic Car $275

Semi Truck/Rig $300

—Vacuum Condition & Steam Clean or Shampoo Interior (Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Seats, Dashboard, Headliners & Door Jambs)

—Windows Cleaned



—Hand Wash, Buff & Polish, Wax

—Clay Treatment, Windows Cleaned, Tires & Rims Cleaned & Dressed

Schedule your detail in Memphis, Collierville, Olive Branch, Southaven and the surrounding areas.


Priceless Package

Exterior Treatment: The PRICELESS EXPERIENCE includes a high quality pre-soak treatment that helps loosen dirt from your paint, followed by a soft pressure wash. While keeping the paint wet, each segment of your vehicle is thoroughly hand washed from top to bottom using premium soap and a gentle wash mitt. A gentle degreaser is used to remove all bugs and tar from the vehicle. Door jambs and wheel wells are cleaned carefully and meticulously. Clay-bar treatment removes any impurities from the paint, then compound is applied with a buffer to remove surface scratches. Next, a high quality non-abrasive polish is applied to the paint. This process brings back the clear coat, which is then evened out to produce a more reflective and colorful surface. This is followed by an orbital buffing with wax, to protect the paint for up to six months. Wax is carefully and methodically removed to ensure the smoothest finish. Lastly, tires are glossed with a premium rubber sealer. All work is done only by highly trained professionals..


Interior Treatment: All floor mats are removed and vacuumed along with the interior carpets. Each floor mat is then individually shampooed and spot cleaned using a non-abrasive brush. All vinyl and rubber is cleaned with a high quality cleanser that protects upholstery and resists absorption of stains. Leather is conditioned to preserve its elasticity and combat the harmful effects of overexposure to sun. The rest of the interior gets a thorough cleaning using the highest quality cleaning products, including dash, center console, cup holder and window cleaning. Schedule your PRICELESS EXPERIENCE today!

4hr - 6hr

Interior & Exterior

(recommended annually)

—Interior Detail

—Exterior Detail

—Engine Compartment Cleaning

Car $275

Sm/Mid Size SUV $325

Large SUV/Truck $375

Exotic Car $500

Semi Truck/Rig $550


Custom Detail Options

Additional options that you can add to any detail package if not already included. Take your detail in the direction you want!

  •  Floor mat extraction .... $30

  • Engine detail .... $60

  • 4-Stage cream leather conditioning .... $40

  • Scratch minimizing / High speed buffing .... Call

  • Chrome polish application and buff .... $30

  • Additional exterior polish & buff .... $40-$60

  • Clay bar application (must include buff/wax) .... $60

  • Upholstery shampoo .... $40

  • Headlight restoration .... $40 per lens

  • Compound application .... $40-$60

  • Ceiling shampoo .... $25


Fleet Services


Auto detailing in the Mid-South is much like any business anywhere. The old saying, “time is money” is true. In our case the less our team needs to drive from location to location the better. This is why we offer discounted group rates for fleet washing and we come to your office! Five cars or more in one location can save up to 25%!

Our fleet washing offers the best car detailing services in the Mid-South. We are staffed and equipped to handle multiple cars for your convenience. If you have multiple vehicles used for business purposes, we can come to you for a discounted rate. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet washing services and group discounts.

CALL US AT 901-208-1959


Residential & Commercial Services:

Priceless DETAILZ also provides Residential and Commercial Services: 

  • Window Cleaning

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Fence Cleaning

  • Deck Cleaning

  • Wood, Concrete, and Vinyl Siding Cleaning


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